From the beach

to the flash of cameras


In early 1990’s, Fernanda Lima caught the attention of a photographer. He suggested she did a photo book and tried a career in modeling. Fernanda agreed to his suggestion, mainly because she wanted to travel the world, not because she dreamed of the catwalk.

In 1991, a cover for Capricho magazine marked her professional modeling life. She traveled so much that she thought she would never come back to Brazil again. But she did. And in 1999 she travelled again; but this time it was to Hawaii as the host of MTV’s Mochilão. “I didn’t even know who I was and there I was skydiving on the opening of the show. At that time I could never guess I’d work on television”.

1990_capricho 1990_Fernanda lima japao 1990_fernandalima_15anos 1990 mtv havai
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