A year of new challenges

and surprises…


In January 2014, Fernanda was once again the muse of Soccer: this time she presented FIFA’s Ballon d’Or next to the legendary Danish soccer player Ruud Gullit. In 2014, due to the great repercussion of the World Cup’s drawing, she was invited to host, in London, the National Television Awards, the largest award of the British television.

In Brazilian territory, more challenges: Fernanda hosts a new show called Superstar, broadcasted live to the whole country. In October the new season of “Amor & Sexo” debuted, where Fernanda acts once again as host and script writer for the show.

In December, an important achievement : Fernanda was elected by popular vote as ‘Best Brazilian TV Host’  in Television Extra Award .

2014.10 Amor e Sexo 2014.07 FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2014.04_Abril_FabioBartelt_ApaBazar-(2) 2014.11_Premio Extra
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