The gold of glory

and controversy


Next to her husband Rodrigo Hilbert, Fernanda presented the drawing of the groups for the 2014 World Cup. In an astonishing golden dress, she was seeing presenting the event in perfect English by more than 500 thousand spectators of 200 countries. The beauty – and the “Golden ‘really’ low neckline” of the dress – took Fernanda to international news, blinded the soccer topics, turned Fernanda into the Muse of the World Cup and caused controversy – a lot of it.

Considered excessively sexy, the dress made certain countries like Iran forbid the drawing to be broadcasted on its territory. But this allowed Fernanda’s name to make BBC Brazil’s list of the 10 Brazilians who had most appeared on international news in 2013.

Amor & Sexo 2013 Sorteio da Copa III 2013_Amor_e_sexo_2 2013_sorteio_da_copa_do_mundo2
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